National FIS Software : Introduction

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The National / FIS Software should be used for any alpine, snowboard, cross country, or masters events that are sanctioned by a national governing body (USSA, ACA, NZSA etc.), or FIS.

The software has everything needed to manage races and events, from processing entries through producing final results. There's no simple path to follow through the software, since needs vary from event to event. You need to know what you need to get done, and the tool to do it, is most likely available in the software.

HINT: As with all software, the best way to learn is to dive in and practice. To get comfortable with what the software can do, it's suggested that you do one or more test races from start to finish. The software is very intuitive to use, but becoming comfortable with it does take some practice... If you get stuck with something in the software and can't find the solution here, please contact us!

For a PowerPoint showing how to use the software please click here (special thanks to Thelma Hoessler)

For video tutorials using the National/FIS software (and other related topics) please see this web site: Ski Race Help