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Following are fields that are common to all snowboard disciplines:


Snowboard should be selected for both Snowboard and Freeski events. Do NOT use the Freeski radio button. It is not completely built out and is not functioning for FIS events. (as of 5/2020)

Race Name

This is used at the top of all reports.

Race Level

If this is selected as a USSA/FIS, etc. race, you will have the ability to unselect the Scored option.


Only available if the competition is a USSA/FIS, etc. race (all FIS and higher races must be scored). If this is not checked, race points will not be calculated and points will not be displayed on results.

Race Date

Select from the drop-down calendar.


This is used to determine the value of the race based on the calculated points scale.

Overwrite Points range

Check this box if the software is not calculating the proper points scale. This will need to be checked and the appropriate scale typed in for all FIS events since the defaults are set using older USSA scoring requirements. Make sure that you use your manually calculated point range for both Min and Max values

# in Top Seed

This is used for the option in the assign menu to Automatically Assign Bib/Start Numbers. This is used for GS/SL/PGS/PSL. Typically, the number is 16.

# to Reverse Second Run

This is the number of people that are reversed for the second run after. Typically, the number is 16.

Race Fee

This can be used if you want to use the software for simple race accounting. There is a field in the Competitor Edit screen for the amount paid (can be a comp) and a Financial Report option in the report menu.

USSA Code / FIS Code

The code assigned to this race by USSA and/or FIS. It's very important that this number is correct!

USSA / FIS Penalty to Apply

This is not normally needed.

TTR Event

Allows additional fields to show in the Competitor field for Ticket To Ride events. These fields are not required for scoring to TTR events, but are 'nice to have'.

Swap 'Snowboard' with 'Skifree' in reports

Changes the report header for Halfpipe, Slopestyle, and Skicross events for Freeski events.

WARNING! Selecting this option WILL NOT generate the correct xml for Freeski events. The xml will need to be edited. Please contact CJ Sports Timing for more information. [1]

Governing Body / Gov Body Abbrev / Country

To set to USA or Canada use the buttons to the right. For other nationalities, these may only be modified with a Key & License. Changing the abbreviation will change the field names throughout the software.


Used for reports. The word "Division" will be added where needed.


Select from the drop-down or key in the Make and Model. This isn't telling the software which timer to communicate with, but simply getting the information as part of the record-keeping for FIS, etc. If a professional timing/scoring contractor has been hired for your event, the name of the company may be manually typed in. i.e., Swiss Timing instead of the actual equipment.


Pipe Name

The name listed on the Halfpipe Homologation (if available) or the commonly referred to name of the pipe. i.e., Superduper Superpipe

Homologation Number

This is the number assigned by FIS for the Halfpipe. This number is not mandatory for Halfpipes as of 2011/2012 season.

Number of Rounds

Determines whether there will be multiple qualifying rounds i.e., 2 Semi-F/Finals only is used for a qualifying round and a finals round. Heats are not taken into consideration under this header.

Current Round

Shows which round you are currently scoring. Semi-Finals is your qualifying round, Finals is for athletes who only qualify for the Final round.

Number of Judges

Number of scoring judges. Normally, this will not include the Head Judge.

Rankings by Heat

Select if there will be more than one heat in a qualifying round.

Best Score

The number of runs that determines the athlete's score. Typically, this is the best 1 of 2 unless a jam format is being used.


The steepness or pitch of the halfpipe.

Length of Pipe

This must be listed in meters. The software will convert feet to meters by listing an 'f' after the length if it is measured in feet.


The width of the halfpipe from wall to wall.

Additional Options

Average judges scores: Select if the final score will be determined using this technique.

Drop high and low: Select this option if the final score will be determined using this technique.


This section acts similarly to the Halfpipe section. The technical data on the header is different than what FIS requires. Please work with your Technical Delegate to include the most important data.

NOTE: The event will still score without this information.