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ALGE Comet

There may be more than one piece of software installed in the comet. You must select either 'Stopwatch' or 'Memo HP' (if your Comet has both choose Memo HP)

To work with the software the Comet must be started with the following set:

  • xxx Times Saved, Clear Y/N ? Y then *
  • Prog: Stop Select Y/N ? Y then *
  • Write Sync Time  : : Key in the time of day (24 hour format) then press *
  • To start clock give a start impulse or press A

From this point all inputs are sent as time-of-day directly to the computer (& printer)

  • Start - Start input via din plug
  • Finish - Finish input via din plug

(make sure you get the correct cable from the distributor)

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