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All the following are accessed from the Competitors tab in the software:

This screen is designed to give the most needed information in a simple, viewable way; and to give the options you'll need to edit, manipulate, and print the data.

Note that the fields displayed may be different, depending on the choices made on the race header screen.

The order of competitors as they're listed on this screen, is often very important. This is the order that the timing screen will expect competitors (if they don't already have a result for run being timed). In other words, if the competitors are listed in random order, you'll have to key in the next bib each time while timing, because it's probably not going to expect the next competitor correctly. In the example below, they're listed in order of start number, so although they already have times, this would be the order you would want before timing the first run.

If there are more competitors than fit on the screen, a scroll bar will appear on the right of the screen to move further down the list.


  • Double clicking on a competitor will bring you directly into the edit competitor screen for that competitor.
  • Right clicking on a competitor will bring up a small selection menu of options that can apply to that competitor.
  • Hitting the [Del] key is equivalent of clicking on the "Delete" button, and the [Ins] key is equivalent to clicking on the "Insert" button.
  • Resizing the screen will proportionally re-size all columns. This is particularly useful for layouts with a lot of data, such as cross country 2-day pursuit.